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Kluane Takhini

A World of Sound Beyond Borders

      The musical universe of Kluane Takhini is an inspiring place, where each composition is a personal journey beyond the confines of traditional genres. His personal explorations and socially conscious compositions invite listeners into a universe where every note offers wisdom, joy, and insight. His music is a reflection of his personal beliefs, expressed by the universal language of music. 

        In the realm of music, few artists manage to genuinely cross the borders of genre, culture, and tradition as seamlessly as Kluane Takhini. From the cold, pristine wilderness of the Yukon to the warm, vibrant rhythms of the world, Kluane's life and career read like a novel, rich with diverse experiences that directly feed into his expansive musical output.

    In conversations about his work, Kluane often reflects on the power of music to bring change, to bridge gaps between people, and to communicate in ways words cannot. 
                                                    By EthnoCloud 2024

Latest Release

There Are No Winners
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Album: Kluane Takhini & James Hill

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