All songs composed, performed and produced by Kluane

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About the Songs

We Can Make It Through This:

At some point, everybody in the world, young and old, feels like: "I can't take it anymore". Often, all we need is a helping hand to know "We Can Make It Through This". That's the inspirational message of this song. A feel-good instrumental starting with acoustic contemplation leading to a full orchestral crescendo ending. At a more global level the song represents the inequity and injustice that people feel in their cirumstances of poverty, suppression or unjust circumstances that surround them. People need to believe that there can be a better world for them. This song wasn’t intentionally written with this in mind, but I suppose in these trying Covid and political times there HAS to be hope for a better way!!

Prelude to Angel Eyes:

This is a light classical/ new age introduction to a pop ballad. I wrote this prelude for a song which I’m producing called “Angel Eyes”…. A sensitive message about the true love of a man for his ‘angel’.

Watch for the full pop version written by Dave Rome of the WobblyTones.

Baila El Mestizo:
A 'nouveau' flamenco based song in remembrance of Dario Domingues - an adventurous musical spirit who played with unbridled passion. I first met Dario when he was busking in the streets of Ottawa, coercing his own handmade marionettes to dance to the whimsical wizardy of his panpipes. We immediately hit it off and for decades played music together around the world, in cathedrals, in concert halls, in converted hay silos, underground in the water reservoirs of Munich, on islands, in mountains, at festivals small and large....but still always found time to play a benefit concert for just causes. The pressures of the world took Dario from us way too early.

A Land of Extremes:
This haunting melody reflects my travels to some of the furthermost parts of the Canadian Arctic. Towering mountains, ancient glaciers, untouched tundra. Awe-inspiring...the people and landscape send shivers through your bones.... how do you ever capture that feeling?

Amhrán Pádraigín:
A gentle, melodic song about kindness and tenderness. Innocence and beauty.
Dedicated to the most warm-hearted, caring person I know.

Näkhu chù: 
The First Nations Tutchone name for the Takhini River in the Yukon is ​Näkhu chù - “Takhini” is from a Tlingit word meaning "king salmon", a grandiose fish which may travel over 3,000 km to 'get home' and spawn. And that's what this song is about - going home. The song attempts to capture the mystery and majestic power of where I was born. In the words of Robert Service (a renowned Canadian writer known as the 'Bard of the Yukon') -"This is the law of the Yukon, that only the strong shall thrive; that surely the weak shall perish, and only the fit survive."

All songs composed, performed and produced by Kluane

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