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(1) Album Music Review - Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio:
" ‘To Catch Lightning in a Bottle’ by Kluane Takhini & James Hill is the long-awaited musical creation of global awareness, compassion and reality. Here both artists tackle the big picture and wear their hearts on their respective sleeves whilst doing so. This is an album that will move you to tears, will touch your hearts and will hopefully awaken the compassion and care within you."

(2) Album Music Review - EthnoCloud
"Music With A Message" - "To Catch Lightning in a Bottle" by Kluane Takhini is a musical journey through the highs and lows of our current era, blending social commentary with the universal language of music. The music on this album expresses diverse thoughts about the turbulent times we live in. "To Catch Lightning in a Bottle" means to accomplish a nearly impossible task. "It is we the people who must choose our future," says Kluane, encapsulating the essence of the album's message. Each track, alongside its video on YouTube, tells a unique story of love, loss, resilience, and the pressing environmental and social issues that define our times."

(3) Album Music Review - Sleeping Bag Studios
"On the one hand, we’ve got a world where half of its inhabitants scarcely ever listen to instrumental music, while the other half can quickly recognize award-worthy stuff from a mile away.  This is the latter scenario, I assure you – I’m completely impressed with this collaborative effort.  If catching lightning in a bottle was the objective for Kluane Takhini & James Hill, then consider that mission fully accomplished.  These two musical minds are remarkable talents without question, and together they’ve created a genuinely compelling record to listen to that is stocked and loaded with sincerely mesmerizing content."

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